Leisure Time

Sestri Levante - Italian Riviera

The town of Sestri Levante is situated in the far south of the Gulf of Tigullio: it lies on a very special peninsula with a unique position and formation, as if floating between "two seas"...
Large sandy beaches and crystal clear seawater offer to the visitors a pleasant seaside holiday while the picturesque village with its buildings, monuments, churches and museums is ideal for walks to discover art and culture, maybe tasting an ice cream or a cocktail in one of the many bars and of course shopping in the many shops situated in the narrow streets of the old city centre.

We also suggest activities such as snorkelling in the Baia del Silenzio (Bay of Silence), daily trekking trips following trails of low and medium difficulty, daily boat trips from May to September and for golf lovers, the Golf Club of Rapallo is only 20 km away.  

It is quite impossible to describe all the attractions and events, and so, to discover our beautiful city we invite you to visit the official sites:



Worldliness and privacy

Portofino is a picturesque fishermen village which has become one of the most exclusive destinations for the Italian tourism since the 1950s. From springtime up to late autumn celebrities from all over the world visit its famous small square, which is the heart of the village, even only for a coffee, an ice cream or a dinner in one of its excellent restaurants. Big boats anchor in its port and its bay even only for one day to enjoy the beauty of this enchanted place where time seems to have stopped.


San Fruttuoso

A hidden pearl

This tiny fishing village, that can be reached only by sea, is situated on the promontory of Portofino. Don’t miss visiting it; already approaching the village by sea you will immediately notice the beautiful Benedectine Abbey built around the year 1000. An efficient boat service connects it to Portofino and Camogli and, if you love trekking, there is a panoramic path on the mount of Portofino which makes it accessible walking through the natural reserve of the promontory of Portofino surrounded by the Mediterranean flora. San Fruttuoso is famous also for the statue of the Christ of the Abysses which is placed 20 metres deep into the sea, in front of the port inlet, but visible from aboard.



A fishermen village

If you want to visit an original place, don’t miss a tour to Camogli: a picturesque fishing village with high houses painted with bright colours and delightful trompe l’oeil elements. Peculiar aspects of this area and in general of Liguria are the typical painted façades known as “trompe l’oeil” representing architectural elements like plinths, cornices, balconies, flowers and closed shutters. A romantic place situated in a splendid natural framework which, for ages, has been enchanting tourists coming from all over the world and looking for rest, culture, sea and delicious cuisine. Small trattoria and restaurants suggest fresh fish daily caught by the numerous fishing-boats. Camogli is famous for its Fried Fish Festival which takes place in May every year and during which large amounts of anchovies and fresh fish are fried in legendary huge frying pans (diameter 10 m).


Cinque Terre

Villages floating between land and sea

During the 1990s an American journalist of Forbes magazine visited the Cinque Terre by chance and praised them so much that they have become one of the most visited Italian destinations since then. They are five fishing villages situated on rocky peaks overlooking the sea which is immediately deep here; the seawater is crystalline and colourful because it mirrors the lush Mediterranean flora and the blue sky. It is possible to visit them hiking on paths of medium difficulty or they can be reached by train with short journeys. On vintage time cog railway trains are used to harvest grape on the steep hills and are a great touristic attraction especially for foreign visitors coming from all over the world.



A Maritime Republic

It is one the Maritime Republics and is unique like all Italian port cities. Genoa is a town with big contradictions and struggles every day against the sea to obtain centimetres of land, but the sea returns to it mild temperatures in winter and a fresh climate in summer. Genoa has the largest historical centre in Europe and extremely beautiful views and cultural attractions. Don’t miss a guided tour in the famous “caruggi”, narrow winding streets, where you will smell the perfume of pesto, of focaccia and of many other specialties of the Genoese cuisine. Be astonished by the area of the Ancient Port which was designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano who wanted “to give this city back to its sea” thus improving and transforming this area into a place that must be lived and enjoyed every day of the year.